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ADDIE Solutions offers services designed to optimize the performance of your business by identifying talents, increasing knowledge and developing skills.

Through our in-depth analysis, we will identify the gaps between the current state of your your business (the way things are now) and the desired state (the ways things need to be) in order to increase business revenue. The difference between your current state and your desired state are "performance gaps." Our team will partner with you to determine a customized solution for optimum performance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revitalize customer service to a consistent level of 98% satisfaction rating.

Our Core Values

Caring for the success of people and businesses by always providing open and honest communication and feedback, regardless of how difficult the message Maintaining client and employee trustworthiness by upholding the highest standards of

  • Integrity
  • Respectfulness in everything we do
  • Practicing what we preach - Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction

Terry Melkus

Using both of her passions, education and business, Terry Melkus started her consulting business in 2007 to help others take a systematic approach to training and developing employees. She successfully grows their business while keeping the focus on customer and employee satisfaction.

Terry's dream to teach others came to fruition as she climbed the corporate ladder twelve years ago and became a trainer, instructional developer, manager, and a director with a Fortune 500 company. Today, as an entrepreneur, Terry uses customized training programs, professional development programs, customer satisfaction programs, and employee satisfaction programs to empower others to be the best they can be.

Managing Principal

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Companies who use assessments in the hiring process are more likely to find the person best suited for the job and the team. If you have ever made a wrong hiring decision, you realize how expensive that can be for your organization. Use of assessments can save money and time.

Team Selection & Development

If you value people and think they are the greatest asset in your business, then we can agree and be on the same page. Seeing a high employee turnover is a definite red flag and concern. One bad apple can spoil the bunch. Attracting and retaining employees can be the biggest asset or curse to any business.

Customer Satisfaction

If your customers were asked "How likely are you to recommend our company or product or service?", what would be their response? This is the most important question you need to ask. Not only do you need to ask the question, but you need to brace yourself for the response. The answer will take your business to the next level. We ask your customers and provide this vital information back to you in a dashboard.

Employee Satisfaction

Do you know what your employees are saying about you, your organization, and your processes? Do you have an overall job satisfaction score based on feedback from your employees? This metric can open your eyes to initiatives that can change your environment. A happy employee is an asset to your business. An annual employee satisfaction survey is something we can facilitate and report back to you.

Entrepreneur Coaching & Business Development

Working "in" the business and "on" the business simultaneously can hinder even the best Entrepreneur. The best example of this can be found in the book "The E-Myth Revisited" by Michael Gerber. Mentoring Entrepreneurs hands on in their business to fine tune processes and selecting the people within their organization is what has propelled my business forward.

Training (Customer Service, DISC/Values)

The best way to teach is to lead by example. You have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Mentoring the behaviors and performance expectations for your employees is the best gift you can give your business and employees or co-workers. Sometimes though, you need someone else to mentor and teach them. Maybe even mentor and teach you. Training customer service, communication, and team cohesiveness are areas you can rely on us to be the experts for you and your team.


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